Helping Apparel, Textile and Sourcing
Companies Create a Point of Differentiation

Copy & Stitch was established to help apparel, textile and sourcing companies create a point of differentiation in their respective markets and to optimize their investment in digital services. We do this by leveraging a unique understanding of the complexity of the apparel, textile and sourcing industries and audiences.

Who Is Copy & Stitch?

Copy & Stitch is a business communications agency focusing on B-2-B and B-2-B-2-C audiences. Understanding the industry is crucial to writing effective trade content. Most agencies are experts in copy, but not in the apparel supply chain. Copy & Stitch provides expertise in both areas.

Why Choose Copy & Stitch?

We’re not the typical agency. Most large agencies make a profit by marking up advertising spends. Since B-2-B marketing budgets are usually less than consumer marketing budgets, and the pool of media outlets promoting B-2-B messages is smaller, the potential ROI for agencies is limited. Therefore, companies are forced to over-pay large firms to handle their accounts, or be left managing a team of freelancers and in-house staff.

The Basic Steps:

1. Find Your Core

At the core of every company, is a message for the industry it serves. Copy & Stitch gets to the crux of the message and identifies strategic opportunities to share it with both current and prospective clients in a cohesive and compelling style aligned with the brand.

2. Gather ‘Round

No one wants to be sold, but everyone likes a good story. Have your brand story do the dirty work. Copy & Stitch’s team of “storytellers” create unique and memorable brand stories and content that provoke curiosity. The goal? Make them want to call you and keep you.

3. Perfect Ten

Would you knowingly stay in a hotel with a shoddy website and photos? (We hope not.) The same can be said for any business that is asking for another’s trust and money. Copy & Stitch enhances brand messages and stories with enterprising design and concepts for websites, newsletters, marketing collateral and more.

4. Talk the Talk

Now it’s time to take your message out on the road. Copy & Stitch is your company’s GPS and will navigate it through the best and most optimal route of digital and traditional marketing channels, including trade media, content syndication, social media, PR opportunities and more.

5. Step & Repeat

Reaffirm and remind the industry of your company through consistent advertising and brand positioning which Copy & Stitch can manage and schedule. Remember you are securing a position as an industry leader. This is done through providing value, offering tangible solutions and provoking conversations.

Suite of Services

  • Content creation (website, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, whitepapers and articles)
  • Website development
  • Newsletter design
  • Ad design
  • Advertising planning and procurement
  • Social media management
  • Metrics and reporting

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